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If it was meant to last, it would have.
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Within the last couple days:

• Robin Willians died

• an innocent black teenager was shot to death

• a police officer at west lake mall maced a black man that just happened to walk by, then arrested him and refused him water

• policemen have been using brute force against peaceful protesters

• Ebola has broken out

• 94 people were killed in 3 days in the Ukraine

• people have begun to plan a real life purge

Someone please tell me. What, in THE HELL is going on

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Why would anyone want to imitate The Purge in real life? Why not choose a better movie, like Space Jam?

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Bromo 2013 - by: Weerapong Chaipuck
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I don’t know how I feel about this but w/e

far out this is pure talent

says you!!!

Can I have this on my wall Tamara k thnx

yes you may but call me tamara again and ill cut off your left boob

This is another one of my faves samara